How to Use Sertifier - Google Forms Together?

28 March 09:00, Saturday

How to Use Sertifier - Google Forms Together?

How to Use Sertifier - Google Forms Together?

How to use Sertifier - Google Forms together?

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Day by day more individuals and companies are recognizing the importance and the necessity of e-learning and there is an increasing demand for it.

At this point, we must acknowledge that e-learning and remote learning in general may lack some advantages of traditional learning that depends on physical dependence. Being physically in the same room offers socializing and networking chances and often is more fun way of learning. Lack of these may decrease participant motivation towards e-learning.

Keeping that motivation as high as possible, documenting the skills gained from e-learning courses, and creating a chance to reach a wider range of people are now possible with Sertifier’s Smart Certificates!

It has always been fast and easy to create and send certificates on Sertifier. However, now we are going to explain to you how to use Google Forms and Sertifier together in order to make it even faster and easier.

Export your participant list, upload it to Sertifier!

Collect your participant forms for your webinars or other education activities on Google Forms. Do not forget to put specific questions for “First Name - Last Name” and “Email Address”.

In order to view your responses, click “Responses”. There you should click the little green Google Spreadsheet icon. This will lead you to a spreadsheet of your responses.


Inside that spread sheet, click “File”. Find “Download”, extend the menu and click “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx.)” this will download your participants’ list as an Excel file.


After you create your certificate template and receivers list on Sertifier, click “Add Receivers “. You will see “Import/Export“ as a blue box on the top menu. Click that and choose “Import “. Upload the excel file you just downloaded in the pop-up screen. Now you are ready!

You can use the Google Forms either when you were collecting requests for the course or send the forms for people to fill up when the course ended.

Setup Zapier once, use it always!

Zapier is a tool that allows different softwares and web applications to work together. If you are planning to do a program that will consist of multiple courses, you can save more time and effort this way.

In order to learn how to do it, you can check our visual guide.

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