About Us

We believe in a skill-oriented future; therefore we design the best tools to decorate it.

Most effective tool in smart certification age: skills

The best way to identify skills is certificates which are analyzable and trackable.

As the Sertifier Team, our mission is to evolve the certification process in accordance with the developing world through our nature-friendly policy and technological infrastructure. Based on those principles we aim to serve our customers a product that can:

✓ Provide a quick and practical platform where you can generate your certificates based on your or our predesigned templates and share on your social media accounts.

✓ Create unique QR codes and serial numbers for each and every certificate you send.

✓ Give you an inquiry page where you can check your created documents with their serial numbers and QR codes, and finally, store and protect your documents and by doing so help you save time, money


With the Blockchain technology, your certificates and badges are stored securely.


Leave traditional methods and start saving with smart certificates.


Thanks to the prominent visual content, your trainings are preferred and used.

Eco Friendly

The transition from printing certificates to digital acquires an eco-friendly identity.

Save the Green

We believe that sustainable living is only possible with a sustainable environment.


We think that in order to reach all necessary resources for the preservation and healthy existence of all living and non-living assets; we need to be able to control needs like time, money and energy. We have adopted the principles that support these needs not as a necessity but as responsibility.

✓ In order to prevent natural life from entering danger and ecological balance to be corrupted: We support you to save time, money and energy by digitizing your certification process.

✓ We reduce the waste of paper by producing 200,000 certificates to prevent 20 trees from being cut.

✓ We are partnering with associations founded in the name of spreading nature-friendly activities in accordance with our mission.

✓ We are advocating the dissemination of environmental policies in the world.

Join Us

Sertifier was brought to life by a large family who believed in each other. Would you like to join our family?

Sales or Marketing Specialist

Sertifier is a company that operates in the international market. Therefore, if you want to join us in our long and intense but enjoyable and rewarding adventure, we would like to see you among us.

Designer or Developer

Our application that hosts the best designer in the world deserves to be developed every day. If you are a good designer or want to support our technology as a developer, we look forward to welcoming you.

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