Frequently Asked Questions

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First of all, welcome to Sertifier. You do not need to pay any fees to become a member. All you need to do is register by email and verify your account by confirming the mail we send after your registration.In addition, if you upgrade your profile to an organization account after you become a member of Sertifier, we also give you 100 certificate credits as a welcome gift!


It is the name of the payment method in order to send certificates by using your institution account.If you have spent 10 certificate credits we give you after you have created your account, you can visit the "Add Credit" page on your user page to purchase more.

It is the type of account that every user gets who registers with Serfie. Individual account holders can view all digital certificates sent to their e-mail addresses.

It is the type of account you will have if you upgrade their individual account on your profile page, which will be created by the authorized users who want to design, send and store digital certificates on the Sertifier. Institutional account holders can send their designed certificates to their list of recipients by using purchased credits through the platform.



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