Join open badges era

Visible education documents will encourage and increase education participation. Reward students with open badges and take education to the next level.

Keep up with the needs of the digital era by the distribution of internationally recognized badges.

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Encourage with visible rewards

Send open badges to your students or personnel in order to encourage them with visible rewards.

Improve gamification

Open badges are a tool for gamification during education. Provide incentives and continuity in your training by collecting badges.

Get ahead with your lectures

Open badges are a new way of getting achievement documents after your lectures. Switch to this process and support your organization's digital transformation in terms of education.

Insert education data into open badges

Open badges have simple and small designs but contain all educational data. So that student’s educational data can be accessed through open badges.

Easily create badges using modern designer

Easily design and distribute open badges just like our smart certificates. Design according to institution identity or benefit from pre-made template designs.

Support and encourage students to share their achievements

Open badges can be shared on all social media platforms, can be added to web sites and can be verified through our application at any time.


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